This Message is in Code

I got way into coding. It was surprisingly fun? I also learnt that I really am terrible at angles on surfaces I cannot physically put a protractor over.

Please enjoy this video of me trying to figure out what the heck is happening
And here is me getting absolutely destroyed by basic shapes. In all honesty, I got so excited when I finally figured out Waddles name tag! Ignore any and all singing, I get theatrical when I am focused…

This website is the absolute coolest teaching tool I have ever been given, and I really want to try this with my 7’s & 8’s. In regards to actual code I understand better how its supposed to fit together – I even made a comment section on my own website! Also, my partner is an Electronics Systems Engineer (i.e., a lot of coding, circuit boards, and other things that make zero sense to me) and it was so fun to be able to show him that I could make this tiny little guy go around and draw him a “flower”

Me making a “flower” for my partner

I knew coding was important – its the literal thing that makes the internet and all of our technology – but I never realized how fun it could be. I know I am doing very basic and ‘young’ things, but I have never been this excited to do math, which is essentially what all the lengths and angles were teaching.

This is going to be so much fun to build units around!

Digital Citizenship in School

Everything is digital in society today, and that’s not a bad thing. However, how do you balance teaching digital literacy and digital citizenship with an appreciation of the ‘analog’ world – such as nature, animals, and people in front of us. Students have such a disconnect to the world around them, causing a lack of empathy, because they are constantly being exposed to so many terrible things online in such a consistent stream.

Does that mean I won’t bring technology into the classroom? No. Of course not. In fact I believe in the exact opposite because of everything that they are exposed too. Students know how to navigate the internet better than us, but they need to have someone to lead and assist them so they can understand how to build positive digital experiences and learn how to take breaks when they need it.

With that being said, lets look at Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship to think about the relationship between digital citizenship and the SK Curriculum.

Possibilities for Connecting:

  1. With Grade Levels (5-12),
  2. Subjects (Health, Social Studies, Treaty Education), and;
  3. Outcomes and Indicators.

When looking at the curriculum, you can see how each of the elements of Digital Citizenship can be created into a lesson plan that reflects to a social justice/social determinants of health.

Where and how do you see yourself integrating digital citizenship in your future classroom?

I would love to bring in digital citizenship through online journals 9 such as these blogs), using different apps and reflecting on the different populations on each site, and talk about mental health in the face of constant streams of information.

Disclaimer: I believe that students should not be so heavily on technology before grade 5. Students are still developing reading and writing skills, and technology such as Siri and Auto-correct; although nice and convenient, can hinder that abilities development. That’s not to say that certain learning apps cannot be utilized, but we need to think critically to what we are exposing our students to.

Ah, Twitter. . . So, We Meet Again.

Honestly, I have never been a fan of Twitter. Growing up it was a breeding ground for cyberbullying and racism. In my early years of education, they all had us create a Twitter account, but I never really used mine.

However, giving it a chance in this course, and through the rest of my courses this semester, was a good decision. I personally feel like Twitter – when cultivated properly – can be a positive place of knowledge and growth.

I also think that it is a great when used as a professional learning tool, especially with experiences like the SaskEdChat! As I am going into a Grade 7/8 Classroom for my Internship, I feel like a TwitterChat could be a really great way to have students showcase their knowledge and build relations with their peers. I have never experienced something so thought provoking and positive on a social media platform like twitter, and I think it was so much fun, and it really helped calm my nerves about completing my Internship in the Winter 2021 Semester in the midst of a pandemic.

I used to hate twitter, absolutely and completely, someone would send me a link to a tweet, and I would go ‘… nope!’ because, as I said earlier, growing up it was a breeding ground for cyberbullying and racism, and I really could not understand the appeal. To say that I am shocked to find that I actually, kind of like it now? is an understatement – I am blown away by this fact, I honestly thought I would despise this aspect of the course.

With all of that being said, I still I think its important that we do not spend all of our time on platforms such as twitter, as it can still get overwhelming. I think a big part of that is to know how to respond to people, and know who and what to engage with vs. stay clear of. However, when you keep that in mind, it turns out to be a surprisingly pleasant time.

Getting My Blogger Boots On!

Hi Everyone! I don’t have a lot of positive experiences with creating blogs, and talking about myself, but I have created Websites before – find some examples here!

Now its time to tell you a little about me.

My name is Jaidyn Taylor Gigian, but I prefer Jaidyn Taylor, and I am the second oldest of 8.

I have two biological-siblings, two foster-siblings, and three step-siblings. Our journey has been an ever changing one and I find myself constantly reflecting on all of our learning styles when considering how to plan my lessons so they are engaging, and have a little bit of something for all learners.

I am currently in my fourth year of education, at the University of Regina. Next semester I will be completing my internship; I have the wonderful opportunity to be learning alongside a Grade 7/8 split class!

I am not very good at blogging – nor at using most online platforms where I have to talk about myself and my experiences. But, I am hopeful that this semester will help me with that, seeing as a lot of school is turning to online platforms in the wake of COVID-19.

I think of myself as a reluctant blogger, I have written ‘blog posts’ before, but rather than actually posting them I usually just sent word documents to my professors. Because of that, I am super excited for the online teaching aspect of my EDTC 300 course this semester as I feel it will equip me with a lot of tools for the upcoming semester, and allow me to create a platform where future employers can learn about me!